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an ArtKB48 production,  co-directing with Betty Apple
Premiered on 24.11.2020 
Taipei, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)

(A) Good Night for Trade—Bedtime Romance with Lilith is produced by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab as part of its online streaming performance series “#STREAM C-LAB” in 2020. Eight performers stream themselves online in front of a green screen as your exclusive virtual girlfriends, whispering in your ears an ASMR immersive nighttime story as they gently put you to sleep.


The Mandaean Gnosticism mythology stories are told from various perspectives and transformed into a series of virtual dating experiences. The first God-made woman in Jewish literature, the lady who refuses to become subservient to Adam sexually, the dangerous female demon who steals and slaughters babies in the darkness and all the other Liliths are born and die and reincarnate and evolve and transcend time after time after time and finally emerge onto your mobile display, for your personal entertainment on such a lonely night as tonight. 


The performance takes place on C-Lab’s Facebook page and opens for interaction with audiences online. In order to reflect the primal desire of being needed and needing someone in the post-internet era, this production probes the nature of exhibitionism through movement, sound, objects, music, performance and live virtual interaction. (A) Good Night for Trade—Bedtime Romance with Lilith aims to develop a hypnotic ASMR soundscape and a digital peeping live show into an alternative cyber rabbit hole where all the isolated hearts can explode and release, anonymously.




ArtKB48: Lilith, the Goddess of Queer Sound


An electronic noise & performance art collective from Taiwan.

ArtKB48 is a group of Taiwanese female and genderqueer artists born after 1986. Led by avant-garde sound artist Betty Apple, they appropriate the concept of J-Pop/K-Pop girl groups as an artistic strategy to assemble and present the new generation of Taiwanese sound artists. ArtKB48 regularly holds meetups, experiments, and workshops, such as sound experiment project ArtSMR and Fucking-Super-Girlfriend Crash Party at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.


Concept / Director / Performer: Betty Apple

Co-Director: Wang, Ping-Hsiang 

Performers:  Kai Ning Chung, Huang Mei-ning, Maguro Chang, Wu Hsiao Hsuan, Min Ju-Lee, Yu En Lin, Xan

Stage /Production manager : Chiu, Jing-Ya

Visual Design:  Wang, Ping-Hsiang ,Yu En Lin, Charles Tsai

Visual Technical support: Charles Tsai

Sound Board Operator / Technical support: Kuo, Jen-Chi

Live Music:  Ariana van Gelder

Photographer: Źito Ťseng

Poster Design: Jen Lee

Trailer editor: Xan

Presenter: ArtKB48, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

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