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a cooperation with Agrupación Señor Serrano
Premiered on 04.07.2018 at GREC Festival de Barcelona.
Production currently on tour.

Bananas and King Kong, two totems of the system, two insatiable beasts that need to grow without limits, great devourers of resources, icons of masses but, above all, an inevitable condemnation for a system that can not stop growing although this pushes us towards extinction. And if this is the destiny of humanity, what are we going to do, crying? No, embracing our bananas and have a party.

On the one hand, bananas. There they are, close at hand for all, innocent, sweet, virile, cheap. In 1890 nobody in the West had seen, much less eaten, a banana. In 1920 it was already the king of the supermarket. Bananas, the banana industry and its pioneers are a perfect example of what the contemporary capitalist system is and how it works.


Kingdom brings the history of capitalism and bananas as they were never told before. A story with a perfect and unexpected ally: King Kong. Through him and what he represents (virility, overwhelming force, instinct) the mechanisms that act within the economic and social system of the West are shown. A system built on the basis of cycles and crises, consumption and desire, but within which all the “desirable” things of our society have been generated (civil rights, progress, development). A system so complex that it does not accept simplistic interpretations. As the American journalist H. L. Mencken once said: “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong”.


Creation: Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios and Ferran Dordal / Performance: Diego Anido, Pablo Rosal, Wang Ping-Hsiang, David Muñiz and Nico Roig / Music: Nico Roig / Video programming: David Muñiz / Video creation: Vicenç Viaplana / Space and scale models: Àlex Serrano and Silvia Delagneau / Costumes: Silvia Delagneau / Light design: / Choreography: Diego Anido / Soundscape: Roger Costa Vendrell / Technical support: Sergio Roca / Direction assistant: Martín García Guirado / English consultant: Jennifer Ballinger / Production chief: Barbara Bloin / Executive producer: Paula Sáenz de Viteri / Management: Art Republic.

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