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selected in MediaEstruch artist residency program, Barcelona

Oh! Bloody Moon is a 50 minute long theatre production collectively devised by Marina Prados, Paula Knüpling and Wang Ping-Hsiang. This production was invited in 2017 by MediaEstruch to Barcelona for rehearsals and developments.


Two years ago, the actress Marina Prados realized her menstruation stopped coming. She was neither ill nor pregnant, but some parts of her were out of order.


After several examinations in the hospital, the doctors still cannot diagnose what caused the missing menstruation and when her menstrual cycle would restart again. Her body seems to have rejected her. Her uterus was shut down, and her eggs along with the monthly bleeding, vanished too.


She lost the ability to give birth.


How to repair this error? How to get her body back on track? How to become normal again?


How to become normal again? In parallel to Prados’s personal medical experience, a werewolf girl is rehab to cure her addiction to blood-drinking. She has made up her mind to starve her primal wildness, pursue medical treatment for her transition, and finally, eliminate her half-human, half-monster being attaining a bright, civilized new identity.


The search for the missing blood in contrasted with the resistance to blood-drinking. The pain from the withdrawal symptoms strengthens when the Moon rises up. Under the same moonlight, women are still caged under the dominating masculine society, and homosexuality is still considered as an illness in some places.


Oh! Bloody Moon wanders in-between a personal medical experience and a sci-fi rehab journey, and tries to figure out the confusing identity struggles of being a female, a queer, and a disenfranchised youth in today’s society.

Producer | Wang Ping-Hsiang

Director  | Wang Ping-Hsiang

Devised and Performed by

Marina Prados

Paula Knüpling

Photographer | Ho Hsin-Ying, Milena Viitman

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