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" water follows its own course, I go everywhere. "

Project One is a 50 minutes long original production presented by Mekong River Monsters.


Project One brought Laos, a Southeastern Asian Country, onto stage. A place that got stuck in an exploded present remains in the gap between future and past. After the Vietnam War, millions of bombs dumped by the US army remain asleep beneath this country. The war not only traumatized people half a century ago, but still lingers. Bombs from the past explode today, people are occasionally killed, some are intentionally ignited for the purpose of extending the “Safe Zone,” in order to develop their future. 


The actress Antonia Morris went to Laos for research and brought back lots of first-hand footage. By representing her trip on stage, we combined her videos and live performance, and created three fictional journeys all connected by one explosion. It leads in the end to a water burial in the Mekong River. Victims dive into water and flow with the course through war zones around the world. The earth circulates through water, and we recycle the disasters.


Producer | Wang Ping-Hsiang

Director  | Wang Ping-Hsiang


Devised and Performed by


Antonia Morris

Tien Chia-Ho

Wang Ping-Hsiang

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